luni, 27 decembrie 2010

Theme of loneliness in homeopathy

1. unhappiness ailments from unhappiness
2. fear to be alone
3. fear alone been
4. company desire, be alone
5. restlessness alone, when
6. fear death alone, when
7. forsaken feeling, isolation sensation, of
8. weeping from forsaken feeling
9. weeping alone, when
10. ailments friendship, deceived
11. company desire, for
12. unconsolable alone, agg when
13. unfortunate feels
14. ailments from unhappiness
15. despair
16. despair about future
17. despair from disappointed love
18. selfishiness
19. amelioration in company

Symptoms generated by the solitude directory show the first places these remedies..
Each of them has their idiosyncrasies.
The physician should make a difference, to choose optimal homeopathic drug

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