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Acupunctural and Homeopathic Treatment of the Migraine and Hostile Inhibited Attack

The migraine represent an affection due to local disturbances that appear as result of the Dura Mater distension at yhe level of the cephalic extremity.
I.Patients with breast benign tumours .
In women with benign breast tumours the main energetic disturbances is the stagnation of the hepatic Qi. The perturbation of Qi and Blood will generate the obstruction of the channels with Liver Yang ascension violent ,unilateral cephalalgia ,irascibility ,vertigo .This disturbances is agraveted by feelings such as: anxiety,sadness, that will internally harm the liver and will disturb the Hun .
The harmed Hun leads to a Jing loss that may result in the appearance of the maniaco- depresive psychosis.
The classical medicine interprets the Migraine Syndrome from the psychosomatic of view , as an inhibited hostile attack in the imagination in wich conceptually there are three stages :
1. the stage of the attack , in the imagination , in the fantasy of the patients , with mental visualisation.
2. the stage of the vegetative preparation of the organism for the concentration of the activity , consisting in the changes of the metabolism and circulation.
3. the neuomuscular stage – the consumption of the agresive act itself , with a response in vessels muscles and temporal arteries.
II.Mastectomised Patients .
Migraine is a symptom for the I – II – III stages after mastectomy. In a lot 13 mastectomised patients 10 having migraine.Initially interpeted as manifestations within a dyspeptic syndrome.
The symptoms were those for tipical migraine with 2 stages:
1. the prodromal one with scotomas, hemianopsia ,
2. the cephalalgical one with temporal arteries pulsations by vasodilatation on the painfull part.
What I initially remarked but I didn’t atke it into account , was was proved to be key of the success . The mastectomised patients represent their rage , fury against the therapeutic surgeon ,against their husband , against the incapacity of the medical science.
Idem three stages of psihosomatic interpetation: 1. imagination ,2. vegetative preparation , 3. neuromuscular stage .
Material and method .
From 1993 ,January to 1995 August I haved in study and treatment 65 female patients with migraine having breast benign tumours ( 42 ) or mastectomised ( 13 ).
At 45 of them I applied acupunctural treatment keeping 10 like control lot ( 5 with breast benign tumours and 5 mastectomised ). For control lot I used only antimigrainous ( Cofedol ) ,antineuralgic and antidepressives drugs. This having a short duration action of at one hour at the most.
For the other group ( 30 ) , I using acupunctural treatment ,the points used were the following : Taichong ( F 3 ) ,ZusanLi ( St 36 ) , Rugen ( St 18 ) , Tanzhong (VC 17 ), Hegu ( IG 4 ) , Zulinqi ( VB 41 ) , Waiguan ( VS 5 ) , Jian Jing ( VB 21 ) , as well as auricular acupunctur points : occiput ,Taiyang,Shenmen,Sympathetic ,liver ,gallbladder ,kidney and helix - 6 – 10 sences treatments ,each one of 15 – 20 minutes.
Since the antimigrenous ,antidepressives and antineuralgic were uneffective or effective on short period , the energetically re- equilibratory treatment permited a long-term solving of the migraine problem.
I repetead the acupunctural treatment following in parallel the benign tumours treatment as well .
It should be noticed that the best results were obtained in female patients in wich the benign breast tumours regressed as well.

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